So you're in NUIG and have an interest in Photography? Interested in getting some getting some experience photographing events and getting your work published? Always wanted to use a darkroom but never knew how? Want to learn more about your camera?
Then you've come to the right place!

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The Photographic Society

PhotoSoc is for anyone who has any interest in Photography and wants to improve their photography skills or develop new ones. PhotoSoc has a brand new darkroom and has a few cameras for members to use. Cameras are not needed but HIGHLY recommended! There will be professionals in certain fields and aspects of photography coming in throughout the year to teach their skills to everyone.

Contribute! This site is new and growing. If you've got anything you would like to contribute please get in touch. Each member can manage and display their own gallery on the site, so start uploading those photos to share them with your fellow members! If you've any questions or comments - the forum is always open!

Share your photos!

PhotoSoc offers members the opportunity to display their photos in their own online gallery. These photos are stored and organised on Flickr and integrated back into this site. Create a set in Flickr and drag and drop what photos you want displayed on your PhotoSoc gallery - simple!